League FAQ

Following are some of the common questions for our League.

What is Jom Aktif Table Tennis?

We believe in bringing and developing table tennis for everyone at grass-root community level. In sync with this philosophy, we welcome anyone (at any age) to join our weekly Table Tennis League.

Who is eligible to join?

Everyone. From first time/beginner players to Elite/National Champions and even Professionals. Malaysian and Non-Malaysians are welcome.

What is the league Format?

Each Team shall play up to Six (6) other Team Matches i.e. Home & Away during a season. Scores will be displayed and populated on this website during the season.

What is the league match format?

Each League Match consist of:
Three (3) Singles and Two (2) Doubles.
A game of 11 points; best of 5 games wins;
Each Player is permitted to play a Max. Two (2) Matches i.e. One (1) Single & One (1) Doubles.

Home & Away Matches?

Yes just like a normal league you will be playing each Team Two (2x) times. Your designated Home must have at least Two (2) proper Table Tennis tables hosted indoors.

How many players per team?

The League consists of Teams of Minimum of Four (4) Players, male or female or a maximum or 8 players (in case some are unavailable for certain days).

What are the league categories?

There are currently 9 league categories: Three (3) Ages Category a) Primary: 8-12 Yrs. b) Three (3) Secondary: 13-17 Yrs. and c) Three (3) Adult: Above 18 Yrs.

Where will the matches be played?

All Matches will be played at your chosen Table Tennis Community, Sports Centres or Clubs nearest to you.

Must I own my own table tennis center to participate?

No. If you are not part of an official Table Tennis Academy or Club, you can designate a public table tennis sports centre like Forum19 or KSL to play your “Home” games.

When will the games be played?

Meet on Thursdays (7:00 to 10:00PM) and/or Sundays (3:00 to 6:00PM). The League lasts for approx. 12 Weeks and ends on a definite period with a celebration and awards giving. (TBA)

What are the winning prizes?

Depending on scale of participation, prizes shall include team medals/sports merchandise or pro-shop gift vouchers for the following: League Champions – Teams with the 1st & 2nd position at the end of the League;

Other Rules & Procedures?

For detailed match rules & regulations (rackets, balls, score sheets etc), please download and refer to our official JomAktif TT League FAQ Guide above this page.



League Match Scoresheet

Please click the button below to download our JomAktif scoresheet. Winning team captain must upload the scoresheet to the