Month: July 2019

How to get your Table Tennis player rating?

In order for you to protect your playing level and allowing you and others to participate in our Table Tennis JomAktif leagues and tournaments, we will require NEW players to have an official rating in accordance to the table tennis used by millions of table tennis players around the world. This will not only protect newer players but also allow fair-play competitions among equal level players.

These table tennis player ratings will help to distinguish and protect players of all levels. Please refer to this blog post for a quick overview of these player rating structures.

Rating Overview:

* 2400 and above: World Class Players
* 2200–2399: National Players
* 2000–2199: Expert
* 1800–1999: Class A
* 1600–1799: Class B
* 1400–1599: Class C
* 1200–1399: Class D
* 1000–1199: Class E
* 800–999: Class F
* 600–799: Class G
* 400–599: Class H
* 200–399: Class I
* 0–199: Class J

In general, a beginner is around 800, a mid-level player is around 1600, and a professional, around 2400

3 Ways to Get Your Table Tennis Rating:

To make it as fair and smooth as possible, there are several ways to get your official table tennis rating.

1. Compete in a Rated TT Tourmament

Compete in a TT tournament which utilises for scoring. From your matches vs rated players, an algorithm will be used to automatically determine your rating.

2. See an assessment coach.

Get assessed via our designated rating assessment table tennis coaches which are listed here. For their benefit, an assessment fee no more than RM20 is permissible. List of assessment coaches can be found below.

3. Already have a rating?

If you come from overseas or already have an official, you may use that for your initial rating. It will be subject to the number of games and time/date you have played vs rated players. For leagues, do check with your team captain.