Month: March 2019

Photos: KL Table Tennis Beginner & Intermediate League

Great action shots covering some of the players from team Formula, SIB and GT2 Slingshot who competed against each other at Formula 19 Table Tennis club at Forum 19, Petaling Jaya last week.

Note – in these photos, the may all look like professional table tennis players but levels covered here are beginners up to more advanced players.

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Table Tennis Rating Guideline

In order to host fair level playing leagues and tournaments, the following rating system be adapted based on which is used by various table tennis leagues and organisations around the world. Player ratings will be updated from a time to time basis to reflect current results.

Following is a general guideline to gauge your player rating:

* 2400 and above: World Class Players
* 2200–2399: National Players
* 2000–2199: Expert
* 1800–1999: Class A
* 1600–1799: Class B
* 1400–1599: Class C
* 1200–1399: Class D
* 1000–1199: Class E
* 800–999: Class F
* 600–799: Class G
* 400–599: Class H
* 200–399: Class I
* 0–199: Class J

In general, a beginner is around 800, a mid-level player is around 1600, and a professional, around 2400